Their Castle

I was not Jonah. God didn’t send me to this beautiful and affluent castle. After I enjoyed the air for a while, I’ve had found a lot of holes in the castle wall, so I told them my simple observation. All of a sudden I had become a false prophet even though I was not a prophet at all. They said, “Those are not holes. They are murals painted by our holy holy artists.” I told them again and again, “They are holes. They are getting bigger and the castle wall might collapse someday.” Finally I was dragged in front of the people who were ready to stone me so I ran away to save my own life. I looked back the castle shaking the dust off my feet after I felt safe. Nobody was chasing me. They looked happy in their castle. It looked like I’ve had already forgotten. I don’t know why I was snooping around the castle in the first place. Maybe the holes are really murals or I am a real prophet. One thing is certain, I think. The castle is for them only. Let them be comfortable in their own castle. I don’t belong there. The castle is not my business, isn’t it? Well….maybe I am alone in ‘your castle’. Should build ‘our castle’?

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