Docile Man

She called.

Woman:  Docile…
Man:        (soliloquy) Hmm… this lady will give me a docile woman…?
Woman:  I am collecting men…
Man:        (soliloquy) Docile man? Does that exist?
Woman:  I will organize a group. Join that group.
Man:        (soliloquy) Am I a docile man? I didn’t know…
Woman:  Men in current group are all stubborn, arrogant and only talks about old laurel…
No..No..No.. I hate them…
Man:        (soliloquy) I am stubborn and arrogant too…Why do you think I am docile?..
Woman:  Are you listening?
Man:         I though you would give me a docile woman…
Woman:  Geez! I know delusion is men’s daily bread, but
You have wife and me around you as well….
Man:        (soliloquy) Ah! I’ve become a docile man to my own mistress…

Gloomy daydream

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