Stuck in My Coffin

I am feeling stuffy,
hard to breathe.

Where the heck am I?
Why is so dark here?
Why is so quiet here?
Why is so hard to move?
Why do I have so many questions?

Am I in a coffin;
Six feet under
In a graveyard
In the middle of nowhere?

Why do I think
I am stuck in a coffin?
Do I smell my decaying body?
Or my decaying spirit?
Or both?
Or none?

I try to slightly push the top of my coffin
With my feeble little finger
Damn! It’s being opened?
The top of the coffin is gone!
Is that a blue sky – in my eyes?
Is that a bird – flying over my coffin?
Is that green pasture – surrounding my coffin?
Am I dead?
Is this Heaven?
It surely doesn’t look like Hell!

An old weary-looking horse is standing by my coffin.
Is that horse my ride?
I don’t know how to ride a horse!
Lying in a coffin for many decades
Wasn’t that bad after all…..yeah!

Too many question marks!

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