A New Wild Flower

‘Cause it’s become too wild,
when I pushed my old wild flower
into a corner of my troubled mind,
in no time, a new wild flower entered
a corner of my eyes. It looks wilder than
my wild one. It looks younger than
my wild one. It has its own butterfly, not like
my wild one. I am the butterfly of
my wild one. Alas! It is looking up a sky
I detest. Geez! it is rooted in the soil I can’t
even get close to. Plucking it is not possible.
it claims its singing is powerful so
it can reach easily to its sky. Ah!
My singing is powerful, but a flower
can sing? It says it will sing for my .
My mind has suddenly calm just like
the Lake Galilee that was calmed down by
Jesus! Its singing must be really powerful
even before the first note comes out.
Hmm… my mind is moving from this wild flower to
A flower in the rose garden that rumor says
it is the most beautiful….

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