The Sweet Wilderness

Just like Jesus was pushed to the wilderness by the Holy Spirit,
Being pushed by a temptation, I too go to my wilderness.

I hear that there are plenty of beautiful scorpions and
manna and quails are abundant in there.
With the wisdom and the desire for honor that
I bring in my deep pocket,
I will make a golden calf and
I will dance a dance of lust in front of it.

How good it is that
I don’t have to wrestle with the temptation that
Jesus fought against before.
Since I’ve already fallen into the temptation of
this sweet wilderness.

How grateful I am to God
who built a sweet wilderness out of
the place I hate to go and
let the milk and honey flow in there!

The last temptation that is alright for me to fell into
is that I want to stay in this wilderness forever.
Maybe I’ve already been bitten by a horny scorpion.

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