Sex in the Woods

When a self-proclaimed male loser saw
a not-so-handsome man and a not-so-pretty woman
walk into the not-so-dense woods
holding a not-so-decent blanket,

he followed them
drooling over the image in his head
like in porno movie in which
the lascivious moaning of an actress boasting her sleek body
was ringing in his ear like a bee buzz and
the fierce movement of a tireless male
was flashing in front of his eyes like a hologram.

It was not, though.
It was not a scripted movie.
It was not ordered acting.
There was a real life in the woods.

Adam and Eve fused in nature
were dancing clumsy sensual dances.
I felt pity for
her not-so-proud body,
her not-so-sexy moan,
his not-so-masculine body,
his not-so-powerful moves.
He was worried if they could finish, but

It was not filthy at all as in pornos.
It was a lot steamier than pornos.
It was lovely and beautiful.
It was THE LIFE!

He suddenly felt his life was not so shameful.
Loser’s pathetic life could be not so ugly.

He realizes life
is just a life and
will be just a life.

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