A Dream

In the face of a gun aiming at me,
all my worries and problems vanish
and only a dream remains.

I think I know why the cemetery is so peaceful.

When the gun is fired,
the dream sets off on a journey to find a place to live.

Dreams are buried too in the cemetery?

The wandering dream
builds a nest in some place with no dream
and starts a new life.

I am trying to find a gun with no bullets loaded.

Mud Wrestling

Life is
a mud wrestling,
around in this filthy world
with squalid animals just like me.
Females would make the mud
Heaven in which
a dust-filled flower might blossom?
Just like Jesus was preparing
in this muddy world
for 30 years
for just 3-year wrestle,
I’ve been being disciplined
for quite a few decades
for this female-filled mud.
I’ll jump and wrestle
without looking back the past,
without looking up the future,
for just fun.
Without fun,
life is not worth dying for,
is it?

Bitch and/or Witch

She is a bitch.
Maybe she is a witch too.
She’s been added to my list of
women I decide to abhor.

She says sorry for what she did,
which gives me powerful energy
out of abomination –
The energy keeps me alive
in this bored-to-death world.

She’s added gas to
my never-to-be-quenched desire that
would drag me to the bed where
a woman I loathe lies.

A sleek fantasy –
sex with a woman I detest,
whispering to her not-so-pretty ear –
I hate you…
Sure way to ultimate orgasm?

I am looking through the list of
women I hate.

Trapped but Free

I feel trapped by a stupid lane
It deprives me of free driving
I feel freed by a smart lane
It allows me to extend my life involuntarily

I am free as a bird in a cage
Until you find an manageable alternative
Just stay trapped and freed
Don’t feel free as a bird downed by
A clumsy shotgun

So I decide to be trapped by the Earth Trinity
Church, Work and Home……

Like a Cat

As if a cat is staring at the wall
waiting for a prey that I can’t even see,
I am gazing at the void
waiting for her sweet fragrance to reach my nostril.
I am learning cat’s patience that
makes the cat freeze for many hours.
I maybe move a bit from time to time, but
my heart is almost frozen,
‘cause she is living in the North Pole.
I am desperately sending my hot desire but
probably not enough to thaw icebergs.
Like a cat, I am waiting for a prey?
Like a cat, I am a predator?
As if a cat is eating heartily a caught squirrel,
I will taste every corners of her…
I am living in nothing more than the Animal Kingdom.
How fortunate I am just a domesticated animal
just like a cat!

Docile Man

She called.

Woman:  Docile…
Man:        (soliloquy) Hmm… this lady will give me a docile woman…?
Woman:  I am collecting men…
Man:        (soliloquy) Docile man? Does that exist?
Woman:  I will organize a group. Join that group.
Man:        (soliloquy) Am I a docile man? I didn’t know…
Woman:  Men in current group are all stubborn, arrogant and only talks about old laurel…
No..No..No.. I hate them…
Man:        (soliloquy) I am stubborn and arrogant too…Why do you think I am docile?..
Woman:  Are you listening?
Man:         I though you would give me a docile woman…
Woman:  Geez! I know delusion is men’s daily bread, but
You have wife and me around you as well….
Man:        (soliloquy) Ah! I’ve become a docile man to my own mistress…

Gloomy daydream

Stuck in My Coffin

I am feeling stuffy,
hard to breathe.

Where the heck am I?
Why is so dark here?
Why is so quiet here?
Why is so hard to move?
Why do I have so many questions?

Am I in a coffin;
Six feet under
In a graveyard
In the middle of nowhere?

Why do I think
I am stuck in a coffin?
Do I smell my decaying body?
Or my decaying spirit?
Or both?
Or none?

I try to slightly push the top of my coffin
With my feeble little finger
Damn! It’s being opened?
The top of the coffin is gone!
Is that a blue sky – in my eyes?
Is that a bird – flying over my coffin?
Is that green pasture – surrounding my coffin?
Am I dead?
Is this Heaven?
It surely doesn’t look like Hell!

An old weary-looking horse is standing by my coffin.
Is that horse my ride?
I don’t know how to ride a horse!
Lying in a coffin for many decades
Wasn’t that bad after all…..yeah!

Too many question marks!

A New Wild Flower

‘Cause it’s become too wild,
when I pushed my old wild flower
into a corner of my troubled mind,
in no time, a new wild flower entered
a corner of my eyes. It looks wilder than
my wild one. It looks younger than
my wild one. It has its own butterfly, not like
my wild one. I am the butterfly of
my wild one. Alas! It is looking up a sky
I detest. Geez! it is rooted in the soil I can’t
even get close to. Plucking it is not possible.
it claims its singing is powerful so
it can reach easily to its sky. Ah!
My singing is powerful, but a flower
can sing? It says it will sing for my .
My mind has suddenly calm just like
the Lake Galilee that was calmed down by
Jesus! Its singing must be really powerful
even before the first note comes out.
Hmm… my mind is moving from this wild flower to
A flower in the rose garden that rumor says
it is the most beautiful….

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Being horny all day long after having explored
with my eyes the almost naked back of a beauty
in swimsuit, I understand why monks were hiding
deep in the mountains with their eyes shut.

How fortunate I am not a king who can take
any woman he wants to have. Just like King
David who saw the sight of naked Bathsheba
and couldn’t drive her out of his horny mind,

I might have ventured into her if I had resource
and become a great sinner like King David.
Instead, I am dragging her image into my mind
lest I lose the sight of her gorgeous curvature.

Morrow morning, I will be looking for her
sight in order to keep my mind horny until
I see the most sensual woman in my life
and spend the first night as if in honeymoon.