One Way to Trash Desire

When I was a little kid,
the playground in my elementary school
was way too big for me just like a baby squid
is way too small for the gigantic pool
– the Pacific Ocean.

That is in my memory

When I came back to my old grid
after a decade, the playground
was way too small for me just like a giant squid
is way too big for a pool to swim around.

That is in my other memory
of a few decades ago.

When I see a beautiful village
and pretty women in there,
getting into the village becomes my desire.
after some time, however, if I can’t feel the cleavage,
the beauty of the village will become
the nude woman in Goya’s painting?

I will rather wait with some anguish
than knocking at the gate,
until my desire vanishes
or the place no longer looks great.

What a painful way to trash desire
and to lose the urge to live life
– the Only One.

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