A Zombie is Awake

Been sleeping for more than half-century,
A zombie is finally awakened.
This is not a cheap ridiculous movie.
Zombie exists for sure.
I know a real zombie.
That roamed around looking for flesh,
A sweet flesh that had been sustaining
Its lifeless life.
“You look like always sleeping.”
It didn’t know it was sleeping.
It felt it was living
Just like the other living creatures.
It’s been sleepwalking and has hit the big rock.
A zombie is awakened and it becomes he.
He is wondering where he is.
And how he ends up in this place.
He is wondering,
How a lifeless zombie survived a long rough winding road,
Looking at another long rough winding road before him.
He wants to go back to IT – a zombie
But a zombie is awakened.
Luck of the lifeless runs out
Luck of the lifeful springs up
Now he can watch zombie movies in real horror
‘Cause it was his life.

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