What Have I Done?

Enchanted by a skinny but not-so-pretty
woman, what have I done? A quick seducing
glance plunged me into deep bottomless pit.
Her smell is still lingering around my nose
without real fragrance . Ah! Too late for her mercy!
Facing her despair would throw me into
the bottom of the deeper-than-deepest hole.
What should I do? Invite her to your heart
with warm soft voice from your not-so-sexy lips,
dreaming a long journey into the night with her.
What have I done? You’ve done nothing peculiar.
Your hunger has been pulled out by God’s beautiful creature.
Who was she? I don’t recall. What have I done?
I have nothing in my memory. The only thing left is
this not-so-clear shadow what-I-call poem that
resembles a history book or even the Bible.
What did I do exactly? I wouldn’t care.

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