An Ego Trip

This cake I made is really delicious, isn’t it?
Silence here would kill you.

Hey, buddy, don’t tell me the truth.
I can’t see my face even in the mirror.

That behavior is his life.
Despise him furtively in your own corner.
He would agree to my words, but
How could you endure his hatred?

I smile proudly at my poem,
which doesn’t make sense even to me.
Ah! I just look like self-absorbed poets.

Who cares?
While looking into clear lake water,
we will be all gone.

Believe the crap

You are a great guy!
You are an attractive man.
You are a sweet singer.
You are a wonderful poet.
Your wife can’t live without you.
Your company can’t go in without you.
Your Church needs you….
People around you could say..
They might be lying or
their talk is just a crap
Believing it is the only way to
turn this baloney into prophecy and to
make this lip-service a reality.
Not believing it is the sure way to
turn this truth into lie and to
make this complement an insult.
So crap or not,
Believe it.
It might be God’s voice.
From God or not,
Nothing to lose and
just imagine what to gain.

Enjoy the Dark Side

Problems dogging your life
from Genesis and will do probably
‘till Revelation
will stop chasing your battered life
when you join a peaceful community
in some soon-to-be-forgotten cemetery.

Death has become a friend of yours
after many decades of uncomfortable cohabitation.
Likewise, issues in life are proofs that
you are alive and well.
You enjoy shade under the dazzling sunlight.
The dark side of life can be and should be thrived on.

Which one is dark side?
I am blind.
Then you are lucky.
You have a luxury of total darkness that
a single ray of sun light can shatter.

The Next Time

There will a next time
Until there won’t be a next time
Since only God knows
When there won’t be a next time
The next time must be NOW
Otherwise your last words might be
“Next time”
Nonetheless I still utter ‘Next time’
And expect the Next time
Even tomorrow could be the last day of the world
I hope and want to believe
My last time will come after my next time
So the next time will have everlasting life
What a weird way to have an eternal life!
I’d rather make the next time NOW
And face my last time right after…

One Way to Trash Desire

When I was a little kid,
the playground in my elementary school
was way too big for me just like a baby squid
is way too small for the gigantic pool
– the Pacific Ocean.

That is in my memory

When I came back to my old grid
after a decade, the playground
was way too small for me just like a giant squid
is way too big for a pool to swim around.

That is in my other memory
of a few decades ago.

When I see a beautiful village
and pretty women in there,
getting into the village becomes my desire.
after some time, however, if I can’t feel the cleavage,
the beauty of the village will become
the nude woman in Goya’s painting?

I will rather wait with some anguish
than knocking at the gate,
until my desire vanishes
or the place no longer looks great.

What a painful way to trash desire
and to lose the urge to live life
– the Only One.

A Beautiful Temptation

Try to be a sinner.
For me who has many sins,
Let’s commit sins together.

Even God came down to this world
to become a sinner.
You are trying to avoid sins.
You inherited the Original Sin, though.
What are you afraid of?

You don’t have to save the world
You are not Jesus.
You can just save just one – me.

Come here, my beloved!
Let’s go together to the valley of death.
Let’s go to the deep dark place that
Jesus also went down to.

Who knows?
God with infinite love who resurrected Jesus
mght give us our lives back!

After waiting a temptation that is not coming,
I hit the road looking for a temptation myself.

Want to Be Asexual?

Being sick and tired of sexual thoughts
which are hovering over my head all day,
Being sick and tired of filthy pornos
which are one-click away from my finger,
Being sick and tired of lascivious pictures
which are crawling all over the internet,
Being sick and tired of women
who are trying to be sexually attractive,
(wife is not a woman…..hew….)
Being sick and tired of all the sexual words
which are trying to catch my eyes,

Should I want to be asexual?

Even though my desire might turn into a desert
where only mirage is real,
Even though my hobby might be to watch the boring movies
which won the best picture award,
Even though my fingers might be clicking to find pictures
of birds, dogs, cats, trees….etc. (no flowers)…,
Even though I might lose interest in woman all together
so lose the meaning of life as well,
Even though I might start reading the Catechism of the Catholic Church
which has all the holy words and only holy words,

Should I want to be asexual?

If life can exist without sex, I would….

A Zombie is Awake

Been sleeping for more than half-century,
A zombie is finally awakened.
This is not a cheap ridiculous movie.
Zombie exists for sure.
I know a real zombie.
That roamed around looking for flesh,
A sweet flesh that had been sustaining
Its lifeless life.
“You look like always sleeping.”
It didn’t know it was sleeping.
It felt it was living
Just like the other living creatures.
It’s been sleepwalking and has hit the big rock.
A zombie is awakened and it becomes he.
He is wondering where he is.
And how he ends up in this place.
He is wondering,
How a lifeless zombie survived a long rough winding road,
Looking at another long rough winding road before him.
He wants to go back to IT – a zombie
But a zombie is awakened.
Luck of the lifeless runs out
Luck of the lifeful springs up
Now he can watch zombie movies in real horror
‘Cause it was his life.