A Beautiful Ending

At the final stage of a self-proclaimed prophet,
He dreams a beautiful ending.
The empty room gives him a sweet smile.
This farewell moment would be as great as it gets.
Nobody for him to say good-bye,
Nobody to say to him good-bye,
This is the true END!
He can just disappear into thin air
Without flowery-adorned words,
After gazing at the void for 10 minutes..no 15…

Ah! Dang!
His beautiful daydream is shattered into millions of atoms,
When the room is packed with passionate-looking people.
Jesus Christ!
This is not the ending he expected, but
When people gives him a lump of gold for farewell gift,
The ending is even more beautiful?
Now he, a little bit confused, is gazing at the gold,
Pondering the meaning of a prophet,
No matter self-proclaimed or God-anointed.

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