Flower Garden

It fills my hollow mind with scent of flowers.
Scent of a young flower blossoms into a dream,
Dream from which I never wanted to wake up,
Dream in which I had a sizzling rendezvous.
Rendezvous which became a hallucination in a garden,
Garden that I’ve been dragged into happily.
Hallucination that creates quite a few memories,
Hallucination that is singing a parting song prematurely.

My would-be allergy to flower fragrance
Suddenly throws me out of my wearisome tunnel and
Make me hold my breath waiting for tomorrow.
My life that’s been running 50 miles an hour,
Suddenly is walking 5 miles an hour.
May feeble legs that’s been backstepping to the past,
Suddenly is running up and down the stairs like a pro athlete.

I must have a good reason to lead a zealous life
In this flower garden.

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