Because I CAN!

Why am I trying to nip it off?
Is it worth the risk,
No matter how modicum the danger is?
Will there be any reward?

After long and arduous prayers,
After deep meditations,
After even deeper contemplations,
To my surprise, the answer is,
Because I can!

I want to possess it.
This is mine! – the ultimate reward!
Why not trying to get it
While I can?

If the reward is not big enough,
Make up something worthwhile.
Dream up a beautiful flower,
When I am being bothered by floating pollen.

This is spring!
I can do whatever I can do,
No matter how doubtful it is.

I can’t stop here and now.
It is looking forward to being nipped off. So
Don’t get pestered by self-righteousness.

Enjoy life while you can!
This ending is not what I expected, but

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