My not-so-unhappy life,
My not-so-uncomfortable life
Is bothered all of a sudden by
A rumor (probably a truth) saying there is a gold mine.

My mind is rattling like a naked tree.
My pretty peaceful heart is uneasily pitching and tossing
Just like a boat on the windy Lake Galilee.
My usually clear head is filled with not-so-virtuous thinking.

My content heart becomes a vessel of avarice.
Mindless chats with not-so-decent women
Are trying to destroy my cherished gratitude of life,
Reviving my long-forgotten memories of pain.

I am watching the rumor with my own keen eyes,
Being afraid of rumor’s becoming true.
I will look out with no greedy hands.
Ah! Better forget the gold mine and
Should start dig my own backyard…

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