Once Upon a Time in a Forest…

Long, long ago
Doesn’t matter how long,
Since it is too long for him anyway.
A boy played in a forest far from the world
Nobody couldn’t get to that secret place but
A small trail was wide open for the boy
Who was looking for a small cute pond for a cool bath
The boy, now a man, has a huge regret.
He didn’t explore the forest enough to remember
All the corners in detail.
He should have emitted his cherished desire.
He could have plunged in the pond without thinking.
Ah! He couldn’t enjoy the scenery, the touch, the smell, the sound
Of the forest and his relative youth,
‘Cause the cruel world suppressed his passion.
Now he misses the forest and wants to go there again,
Which is beyond his grasp.
He paints the forest and its small pond and
Hang it on the dark corner of his mind,
Wishing it were a real picture of the still wide open forest and
His sacred pond untouched by savage beasts.

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