I am a male feminist.

A scary conversation between a father and a daughter;

Father:        Women are taking over the world

Daughter:    You don’t have to worry about it.  You won’t live that long.

Father:        Well, I don’t think my life would be affected by that, but
I have a general concern.  That shouldn’t happen.”

Daughter:    David should worry about it.

Father:        Looks like he doesn’t worry at all.
He thinks that won’t happen in his lifetime.
And even if it happened, he thinks he can survive…

Daughter:    Wishful thinking…  He is a laidback optimist.

Father:         Yeah, It might come a lot earlier than we think.
But, I don’t care.  I am a male feminist as you know.

Daughter:    I should take mom’s maiden name.

Father:      Sure!  Go ahead!  I don’t mind.

Daughter:    Looks like you are well-prepared.

Father:      So, are you going to jump on the feminist bandwagon?

Daughter:   I am not a feminist.
I just take advantage of feminist movement to my benefit.

Father:       Smart girl!  Just like your father!

Well, witnessing my daughter’s embracing attitude toward women’s conspiracy to take over the world, my thought wouldn’t seem as preposterous as it appears.  Too bad!  I might not have a chance to see the brave-and-feminine new world.  Come to think of it, why don’t I go ahead and help make that world come earlier?  I am a male feminist anyway….

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