A History of a Thirst [John 4:1-42]

A woman by a well,
Trying to find a spring that never dries up,
Went through quite a few men,
Have met Jesus with her cold heart and
Thinking He was just another man,
Another well she should go through.
Ah!  How she would’ve known Jesus was the last men and
He was the Spring that would never dry up!

A howling wolf wandering in the wilderness
Trying to find delicious flesh,
When he saw a fox that
Was blowing away the silver light and
Was wagging her quite a few tails,
Tried to swallow her in one gulp.
Ah! How he would’ve known that this fox was the last flesh and
She was the true flesh of which taste would never disappear.

Just like this, the thirst ends and
The will of God has been accomplished in this place.

2 thoughts on “A History of a Thirst [John 4:1-42]

  1. History of a thirst

    I worked
    In the sun
    Via the office window
    That stalled my soul
    By Friday
    I was in need of a beer
    For a beer
    Relax and ease my worry
    I had one
    And a few more
    and no need for


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