Her Scar

the most beautiful woman
in the universe,
has punctured my heart.

She escaped from my grip of love and
is hiding behind the Southern Cross
as a goddess.

Deeply wounded,
I am planning to give her
even deeper scar that
she can’t forget.

Hold on!
A sparrow is knocking on my window
singing -
she already has the deepest scar
in the universe;
she can’t be with the man she loves.

What a tear-jerking, cheesy stuff!
Love is love though.
Looks like I’ve been living in this world too long…

Rachel’s Wailing (Jeremiah 31:15, Matthew 2:18)

A voice was heard in Ramah,
sobbing and loud lamentation;
Rachel weeping for her children,
and she would not be consoled,
since they were no more.

Even in six feet under in Ramah
Rachel hears children’s crying
from everywhere
from Genesis to Revelation

The beloved wife of Israel
hears the crying of the children
who were dragged into Babylon
in the distant future

Rachel who never lost her own children but
lost her own life for son Benjamin
hears the crying of babies
killed by the King Herod
in the very far-off future

Rachel is still wailing for
the children who are being sacrificed
because of adults’ greed
for no reason

Since mothers’ heart would crash down
just for slightly sick children,
any consolation would work for mothers
who lost their own children?

So Rachel is still wailing
after many thousand years

A Pink-Colored Sacrament of Reconciliation (Luke 7:36-50)

Wetting man’s soiled feet with her white tears
Wiping his feet with her brownish streaming long hair
Cutting out the stench of the polluted earth from those feet
Dousing the feet with passionate kiss
Papering the feet with woman’s scent
Pouring the luxury ointment on the feet
Thus making his feet king’s feet
What kind of woman can make this kind of erotic confession of love?
What kind of man can’t take this kind of sensual confession of love?
Any men let alone Messiah can’t forgive any sins of any women?

In this sizzling scene men grumble not because
She is a whore not because
She is a big sinner decorated with quite a few adulteries not because
The man is the Son of God but because
they are hungry males who is jealous of another male
who got extraordinary love which they never get
from the woman as beautiful as a Miss Universe

My woman
She is not as beautiful as even a Miss Atlanta
She has money barely enough to buy cheap perfume
She doesn’t have a courage to make a sexy confession of love in public
Ah! However,
The look of her sparkling eyes and
her body language are
enough to trigger other males’ jealousy
I don’t envy the Son of God at all

To God of Love

My God of love,
I can’t fathom how big your love is.
Ah! However,
You show me the shining sun
behind the dark cloud that
could bring a storm any time.
You allow me feel your hands that
knit my life to perfect beauty
in the midst of an excruciating pain.
You give me a peace
amid a great fear that my ground
might sink into the bottomless pit.
You sneak in my troubled mind and
give me a comfort when
I want to run far far away and
hide in the deepest corner of this world
out of shame.
This love from You is enough for me.
But…..can I dare ask You?
Please help me prepare for
your much bigger love coming.
I pray in the name of my Lord Jesus Christ.

License to Sin

A catechist XXX from Catholicism
has a license to sin
He/she can play around
in any mud with anybody anytime
God will wipe out the filthy stuff from
His/her sensuous body
God won’t say
Don’t get into that mud ever again!
So XXX jumps into the squalid mud
Right after the cleansing-up
This goes on and on in and out of mud
Sacrament of Reconciliation is not
based on his/her repentance, but
based on God’s never-flinching,
don’t-ask and ever-growing love
Too good to be true? But it’s true

If I could love like Joseph…(Luke 2:1-7)

Jesus who was rejected from this world
even before He was born.
The place that accepted Jesus was
horses’ hideout uninhabitable to humans.

Joseph who was all along with
the Passion of Fetus Jesus and Baby Jesus
without a word and any grumble.
Joseph’s eyes that was full of unfathomable
love that couldn’t be found in any men in the
world were seeing about-to-come-due Mary.
A foolish love;
feeling happy with other man’s baby in his arms.
A ridiculous love;
believing Mary’s preposterous story.
This Joseph was human?
Maybe Joseph was just a symbol of God’s love.
I am little bit envious of Joseph’s love.
Then am I human?
What kind of woman was Mary?
Mary was that beautiful?
She was still being loved
even after she bore other man’s baby.
Was Mary human?
Mary who couldn’t help loving Joseph.
Joseph who couldn’t help enduring the pain of loving Mary.
Won’t matter whether they loved each other or not, but
Joseph’s love in the painting is more beautiful
Without Joseph’s incredible love,
Jesus would be able to come to this world a lot harder.
Men’s conspiracy that gave Mary all the credit
for Jesus’ Incarnation and
stripped everything from all other women,
Is shattered by women’s sharp blade that
gives Joseph all the credit
for Jesus’ Incarnation and
stripped everything from all other men.

Where is my Mary?
Ah! She is right there!

Her Empty Bed

I thought
the beautiful bed
in her cozy room
with lucent curtain
would be able to
be filled soon enough
with sizzling love sprinkled
with unquenchable desire and
uncomparable contentment and
unfathomable gratitude, but

the bed is still empty
where only deep sighs
of two hearts are lingering around and
where irresistible longing
for each other’s things
refuses to give up and
where the hope for joy of
feeling touching breathing tossing
is still alive and
never ceases to exist


not all beds are supposed
to be filled and
some nooks look beautiful
when empty and

having me say
nah! Not my bed!